You should consider:

Small Wedding – Big Responsibility

You should consider:

Small Wedding – Big Responsibility

While planning your New York Wedding may seem like a super fun idea at first, you will soon realize that being in charge and responsible for every small detail will soon become a Big stress factor in what should be the most amazing day of your life. 

Your wedding day is indeed the ONE day in you whole life when you should actually feel like Royalty. You should feel that you are important. You should feel  pampered and tended. We want to invite you to give your ONE and ONLY wedding day the reverence that it deserves.

Top 5 Tips for a Successful Wedding Day

When we got married (several years ago) my husband and I decided to plan everything ourselves. We had both been in the wedding industry for quite some time and felt we knew all the ins and outs. Putting everything together wouldn’t be a challenge for us. Actually it seemed like a pretty easy task. We wanted a small wedding with our closest friends and family members and had decided on an elopement style celebration. Our big day eventually came and was everything we wanted it to be. Through the planning process, we learned some lessons that would be helpful for other bride and grooms.  

#1- Keep your friends’ participation limited to the toast

One of the most common mistakes brides make is to appoint their best friend, sister, or cousin to give assistance during their wedding day. This is a terrible mistake!! If I had to give ONE piece of advice it would definitely be this one. Do Not under any circumstances ask your loved ones to help on your big day because you WILL be disappointed.  

On your wedding day, you want your loved ones to enjoy your celebration. Giving them tasks on the day of your wedding takes away from the time they could be enjoying your special day. It also adds unnecessary stress for you and them as they are worried about everything going smoothly. There are a lot of emotions already triggered on a wedding day for your family and friends. If something doesn’t go as planned, you don’t want your friends to feel bad or for you to be frustrated with a loved one. Therefore, I strongly recommend to Hire a wedding coordinator! You will be completely overwhelmed from seeing so many of your loved ones in one place, hoping everything goes as planned, and enjoying the celebration with your new spouse. It is a good idea to consider hiring someone who knows what they are doing to help with details on the day of your wedding so this can be the best experience possible for you.  

Because they are hired to execute a job, and because they actually have done this work a number of times before, they are less likely to make common mistakes that otherwise you would incur into if you have a friend helping you out.   

This is your special day and you want to enjoy it. After all the time and planning you put into this one day, a professional wedding coordinator can make a big difference by managing the day for you. This will allow you to sit back and enjoy everything you planned. You won’t regret having less stress and more time with your loved ones.

#2- Do NOT save money on the photographer

While wedding photographers are still the highest paid vendor in a wedding, there are a lot of couples who think investing too much in a photographer is unnecessary. This couldn’t be more wrong!! If you pick your photographer with your wallet in mind you are BOUND to not be satisfied. Whether you are having a simple, quick ceremony elopement style, or you are inviting everyone you know to your wedding, you will be wise to pick a photographer that is just above the average price.  

Only intelligent, experienced, and seasoned photographers value their work and use their time appropriately. If someone is giving you a really good price you should be suspicious of their abilities. Even if their pictures look all right to you, trust me when I tell you there are many other factors that you haven’t considered which will ruin your wedding experience. Before you hire a photographer, read their online reviews and consider asking them for references, especially if their price seems too good for what they are advertising.  

Your wedding day can only be captured through photography once, so you want to ensure everything goes well. The photographer’s job starts before your wedding day and will continue after your wedding as you pick out prints and photos for your wedding album. You want to receive the best service possible and make sure you are not disappointed with the outcome.  

#3- Hire an officiant

Yes, this is of utmost importance! While having your uncle, or friend marry you might SEEM like a good idea…it is wiser to hire a professional officiant. The wedding officiant has a variety of roles, which include completing the marriage license paperwork, assisting with ceremony details, and planning a personalized ceremony with vows. There are many details that go into executing these roles, and some could get lost if you have an inexperienced officiant. Performing a wedding ceremony can also be stressful for someone without experience and you don’t want this to negatively impact your wedding day.

There are different types of officiants available based on your background and needs. Many officiants will personalize their ceremony for you so there is still a personal touch. If you really want a friend or family member to be part of the ceremony, another way to have them involved is to ask them to do a short reading. This will enable them to participate without having the full responsibility of marrying you.  

#4- Get your hair and makeup done by a seasoned artist

A lot of brides think it’s a good idea to do their own hair and makeup or to go somewhere cheap to get it done. It is absolutely best to have someone come to your location on your wedding day. You will be looking at your wedding pictures for years to come and want to make sure you look and feel your best. The cost of hair and makeup is minimal in the full wedding budget and not something you should consider saving money on.  

You will also feel less stressed if you have someone come to your location. There will be many details on your wedding day and having one less thing to worry about will help you enjoy your special day. Your bridal party (if you decide to have one) could potentially also not be comfortable with doing their own hair and makeup. Giving them an option for these services will ensure they get to enjoy the wedding, too.

#5- Consider tips in your wedding budget

There will likely be many vendors at your wedding. At the end of the wedding, it is customary for the bride and groom to tip these vendors for their services. For those that haven’t included a tip in their contract, it is suggested that you tip between 15%-20% of the total bill. This can add up when you have multiple vendors and become a hidden wedding cost.  

As you are considering your wedding plan, it is wise to think through these tips and add them to your initial budget. There will be unexpected costs that arise as you get closer to your wedding day and planning for tips at the beginning will help alleviate stress.